Flight Training


Our instructors are experienced and professional Certified Flight Instructors (CFI).  Barrett Aviation’s goal and the goal of all of our instructors is to teach you to fly safely.  

Children's Airplane Mobile
Always dreamed of flying as a child?,,, We can help make that dream come true.

     Barrett Aviation places a major emphasis on developing a training program tailored for pilots who are seeking individualized “one-on-one” training to earn their pilot certificate.  Our instructors are experienced and professional.  Their personal love of flying is contagious, which makes for a more effective learning experience.

Each program ensures that every student receives the most thorough, safe, and best possible flight training.

COSTS: Instructor Rates are $55 per hour (this rate does not include the cost of the rental of the aircraft).

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     Below are some YouTube videos about flying instruction.  We thought they might “pique” your interest further into becoming a private pilot.